About Barbara Bechaz…

I baked and decorated my first fruitcake (Christmas Cake) in High School when I was 15 years old. I can still remember the floodwork of the red candle and the glow created around the wick. From then on, I was hooked.

I have been cake decorating for over 40 years now (please don’t do the Maths!). I believe you are continuously learning in life and I have undertaken Sugar Art Advanced courses at Erindale TAFE in Canberra in 1996-1997 and more recently at Gold Coast Institute of TAFE in 2011-2012 to improve and update my skills. There are demonstrations and work shops on new products and skills regularly available on the Gold Coast. They are great fun and the opportunity to take a Masterclass from an overseas celebrity is very memorable. My cake decorating has progressed from hobby status around full-time employment, raising five children and numerous other crafts to a Sole Trader business in November, 2011.

I enjoy the pleasure of creating a cake that dazzles the client – giving you what you ask for specifically and discussing any suggestions I may have until every detail is fully explained and agreed upon.

All Occasions Speciality Cakes trades on Customer satisfaction, so it is very important to me to deliver a cake that “Wows” you. Word of Mouth recommendation is the best advertising.

If you enjoy decorating your children’s birthday cakes and would like to take it further, I recommend undertaking courses, demonstrations and workshops. It is a social, relaxed method of learning from other people’s expertise. Join your local Queensland Cake Decorating Association. I can help with information about classes and QCDA branches.

Of course, I want to bake you a special cake, so please pop your details into the contact form  or leave a message on 0411 432 634 or email me at infoaosc@gmail.com I would love to hear from you..

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